Our Lord and Savior, Matias Duarte


What is Ask Duarte?

Put simply, Ask Duarte is Ask Helix Fossil meeting Matias Duarte.

Who is Matias Duarte?

Matias Duarte is a Human Interface and User Experience designer who worked on Palm's webOS and he is currently Director of Android User Experience at Google. He's considerated as the father of Android's Holo design language and one of the main actor of Google's major redesign in 2012.

Why do you praise Matias Duarte?

Some Android fans made a satiric sub-reddit called r/androidcirclejerk where everyone praises Android's supperiority and naturaly the creator of its design language, Matias Duarte -- the same way as r/linuxcirclejerk praise Richard Stallman.

Where did the idea of Ask Duarte come from?

It just came from a Twitter discution between three r/androidcirclejerk aficionados.